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Why Do I Need a Sleep Study?

If you have been suffering from a sleeping disorder lately, undergoing a sleep study in a reliable sleep clinic is the best way to find out the cause of your disorder.

Sleep has several stages and an overnight sleep study is an effective way to examine the body and brain activity during these stages.

This kind of study is called polysomnogram – it accounts for the heart waves, heart beat and breathing movements of eyes and legs.

A sleep study is the most elaborate and scientific method to diagnose sleep disorders.

What Happens During a Sleep Study?

In a sleep clinic, a sleep expert observes your sleeping patterns, brain wave, rapid eye movement and other physical activity through monitoring devices attached to your body.

Sticky patches are placed on your scalp, face, chest, limbs, and a finger.

These patches have sensors called electrodes that record the brain activity, eye movement, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level.

Elastics belts around the chest and stomach measure chest movements and the strength and duration of each inhaled and exhaled breath.

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The data collected from these sensors and belt is transmitted to a computer through thin, flexible wires that are bundled together so that they do not interfere with your sleep.

The results of your study will then be analysed by the sleep expert and a treatment program will be devised if necessary.

A technician at the sleep clinic will stay awake to monitor your sleep and the test results on the computer.

A low-light video camera might record your sleep for a sleep physician to view and observe any unusual movements or behaviour during sleep.

What Do Sleep Studies Reveal?

Sleep studies allow sleep experts to observe the sleeping patterns and body movement of patients along with their brain activity during different stages of sleep.

Sleep studies in sleep clinics are useful in diagnosing sleep disorders such as:

  • Sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea and narcolepsy
  • Sleep seizure disorders
  • Sleep-related movement disorders, for example periodic limb movement disorder

How to Find a Reputable Sleep Clinic?

Patients are usually nervous about spending a night in an unusual environment with patches attached to their body and someone constantly watching over.

However, at the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre, we ensure that all our patients are given a comfortable atmosphere during the sleep study.

Our rooms and equipment are designed in a way to function optimally without causing any discomfort to the patients.

The patients have a private, well decorated room at the sleep clinic for them to feel at home.

If you have been suffering from a disorder that prevents you from sleeping peacefully, visit us at the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre and we ensure to provide a treatment that is right for you.

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