Sleep Study

What is a sleep study?

This is an overnight investigation that records your sleep and evaluates if you have any sleeping disorder.

Do I really need to do a sleep study? 

With a sleep study we can accurately diagnose what sleep disorder you have and what severity of that sleep disorder you have. In that way we can institute the right treatment. Without a sleep study we are just guessing what treatment to give you.

What sleep disorders can be diagnosed by a sleep study?

Disorders such as sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, periodic limb movement narcolepsy etc.

What types of sleep studies are there?

 There are 2 types of sleep studies

  1. Hospital sleep study – Here the sleep study is carried out overnight at the hospital. This is the MOST ACCURATE form of sleep study.
  2. Home sleep study – here we will give you a machine to take home and you can do the sleep study yourself. This form of a sleep study only gives us a guide that you have a problem and a hospital sleep study may be warranted.

How do I get results of the sleep study?

You will have a consultation with our sleep physician after the sleep study to discuss the results. Treatment options will be recommended at that appointment.


Please call our centre on 02 9264 9120 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss your sleep problem.

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