Snoring Mouthpiece: Can Oral Appliances Curb My Snoring Problem?

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The answer is yes. A snoring mouthpiece can help with your snoring problem. It can even eliminate the condition from root. But not all oral appliances are meant for you – they work differently and give different results.

What are the Types of Snoring Mouthpieces in the Market?

The oral appliances come in a variety of designs and functionalities but there are two main types of snoring mouthpieces available that are worth considering:

The Jaw Retaining Mouthpiece

Also called the jaw holding device, this snoring mouthpiece works by repositioning the jaw. The oral appliance fits over both the upper and lower teeth with a connecting hinge – like a mouth guard designed for sportsmen. The device ensures that the mouth remains closed while sleeping and nasal breathing is promoted.

However, there are certain drawbacks of jaw retaining mouthpiece:

  • Facial Pain – as the snoring mouthpiece is placed inside the mouth all night and the muscles are forced to work for long hours, it can result in facial pain.
  • TMJ – this device is designed to reposition the jaw which puts stress on the Temporomandibular joint which can cause serious trouble and health concerns.
  • Discomfort in Mouth – depending on the design of this snoring mouthpiece and nature of individual, overnight placement of the jaw retaining mouthpiece can result in drooling or choking on saliva. It can also cause inflammation in the mouth.

Tongue Retaining Mouthpiece

This is more advanced and slightly expensive type of snoring mouthpiece that is designed to keep the tongue in a forward position while sleeping so it does not coil back in the throat when relaxed and block the airway.

The tongue retaining device also tackles the problem of discomfort in the mouth caused by an oral appliance. This device is made of much softer plastic than the jaw retaining mouthpiece and fits comfortably between the lips and teeth. The stress that the jaw retaining mouthpiece places on the jaw muscles and joints is eliminated by this new and innovative design of snoring mouthpiece that allows the user to have a relaxed, good night’s sleep.

What Kind of Snorers Can Use Snoring Mouthpieces?

Snorers who suffer from mild to moderate snoring problem can use snoring mouthpieces to decrease or eliminate the condition. Snoring devices are proven to be effective means of curing snoring problems. However, before a snoring device is purchased, the main cause of snoring must be determined so that the right kind of oral appliance can be recommended. Experienced sleep physicians, such as those at the Sydney Centre for TMJ and Sleep Therapy can help you with diagnosing the main cause of your snoring problem and suggesting the right kind of snoring mouthpiece.

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