Laser Treatment for Snoring

  • Treatment over 3 visits 20mins each
  • Without any anaesthetic, cutting or surgery
  • Hardly any discomfort
  • You can go straight back to work
  • Will improve your snoring and sleep

What is Laser snoring?

Laser snoring is the application of laser light either in the form of an Erbium Yag Laser or CO2 laser that helps in the making the uvula (the dangly bit at the back of your throat) stiffer.

This prevents the uvula to vibrate and therefore help in the reduction or elimination of snoring.

How long does it take to do the Laser snoring treatment?

The treatment is done over 3 to 4 visits approximately 20 mins each and about a week apart.

Is snoring treatment with laser painful?

You may feel some heat on the tissue but it is generally painless and therefore no anaesthetic is used. You can go back to work straight away.

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