Anti Snoring Devices That Work

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If you are tired of sleepless nights because of your own or your partner’s snoring, it’s time to get an anti snore device. By using a snoring device, people not only curb snoring, they are also able to get a good night’s sleep and avert heart problems and other health risks that can result from snoring and deficient sleep

What Anti Snoring Solutions are Available?

The types of anti snoring treatments available today fall into 3 categories:

  • Anti snoring devices
  • Snoring treatments/remedies
  • Surgical cures

What Types of Snoring Devices are Available?

Anti Snoring Pillows

An anti snoring pillow will be effective in curbing the snoring problem only if the cause of the condition is faulty sleeping posture. If you sleep in a position where there is a chance for the tongue coiling back to your throat and blocking the airway, an anti snoring pillow will help by elevating your head in a position so that the tongue doesn’t roll back while you sleep.

Anti Snoring Balls

Snore balls are one of the most popular and effective anti snore device in the market. The anti snoring ball is placed under the back and thus prevents you from sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your side, chances of a snoring episode are minimized.

Anti Snoring Chin Straps

Also know as jaw supporters, these anti snore devices are worn around the head and jaw to keep the mouth closed while sleeping and promote nasal breathing.

Anti Snoring Mouthpieces

Many types of anti snoring mouthpieces are available in the market of different qualities and categories. An over-the-counter anti snoring mouthpiece works on the boil and bite mechanism where you just have to boil the product and bite on it so it takes the shape of your jaw. More advanced forms of these snoring devices include Mandibular Repositioning Devices which reposition the mouth to keep the lower jaw slightly forward and downwards to keep the airway open and Tongue Retaining Appliances that hold the tongue forward so it doesn’t recoil at the back of the mouth to block the airway.

Anti Snoring Nasal Strips or Dilators

These strips or dilators gently pull the nostrils apart to encourage nasal breathing. Anti snoring dilators can be internal or external but their role is the same – to pull the nostrils apart while sleeping.

CPAP Machine

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is a mask worn over the mouth that blows air into the nasal passages. This keeps the airways from collapsing and prevents snoring. However, wearing a mask while sleeping can be a source of discomfort to most people.

Are Anti Snoring Devices Absolutely Necessary?

Before you invest in a snoring device, try to treat your condition through natural remedies at home like changing your sleeping positing, losing weight, avoiding alcohol and tranquilizers and other home treatments. If, however, no amount of home remedies work for you, you should consult a specialist sleep physician to have a physical examination carried out and diagnose the cause of your snoring.

If you want to consult a specialist about your snoring problem, contact the experienced team at the Sydney Centre of TMJ and Sleep Therapy and you will receive first class care and treatment.

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