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Sleep Disorder Test – Important Things You Need to Know

Sleep Disorder Test

What is a Sleep Disorder Test?

A sleep disorder test is a type of diagnostic test designed to assess any problem with a person’s sleeping patterns or behavior.

This is commonly done on people with snoring problems, have sleep apnea, insomnia, and other problems associated with sleep or lack thereof. The main purpose of a sleep disorder test is to identify the problem associated with their sleeping patterns and find ways to cure it. 

It is a non-invasive approach to
analyzing your sleep patterns to identify
the cause of any problem.
What Is Sleep Disorder Test
This type of test is usually done overnight so doctors can monitor what happens to your body and brain during sleep. They can also use this as an opportunity to identify symptoms and know the exact problem to address. The data gathered from the test will be collected and reviewed for diagnosis.

Types of Sleep Diagnostic Tests

There is more than one type of test performed by sleep doctors to assess your problem. The specific type of tests recommended for each patient will vary according to the type of problem addressed. Below is an overview of the most common types of sleep diagnostic tests currently available:
Snoring Can
Cause Significant
Problems in Our Lives.
  •  Oximetry – This is one of the simplest forms of sleep tests conducted. The patient must wear a probe on the finger to measure heart rate and oxygen level as they sleep. This test is performed at home during your sleep or in a specialized lab. The device can also collect data that would identify breathing disorders during sleep.
  • Polysomnography – This test is known as the gold standard for diagnosing sleep disorder. For this test, you must visit a sleep clinic. There are specially designated rooms where you can sleep in and be monitored by a sleep technician. They will evaluate various physiological parameters during sleep.
  • Multi Sleep Latency Testing – Simply put, this is a nap study. The test is performed using the same setup as the PSG. This test is done by scheduling nap times throughout the day (once every two hours). This is done in a 10-hour period and will be monitored throughout.
  • Actigraphy – Actigraphy is a test performed with the use of a wristwatch-sized device. This device is responsible for monitoring variations in your sleep-wake cycle. This device is typically worn for a few weeks to months.
  • Sleep Diary – This type of test is done by the patient, which is also known as sleep log. You will have to note your bedtimes and wake times, along with the naps throughout the day. If you intake alcohol or any medication, they should also be noted in your sleep log.
test sleep disorder

Importance of Sleep Disorder Test

A sleep disorder test is the first step to fixing your sleep problems. This is recommended by sleep doctors so they can analyze the symptoms that you exhibit during your sleep.

Based on the data collected, they can recommend a treatment that would be most effective.

Choose the best sleep clinic to conduct your diagnostic test. This will ensure that they have the right equipment and training to analyze your results.

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